Entry #5 – Country Confessional: “God, Your Mama, and Me”

We all have guilty pleasures when it comes to music. I’m no different. Therefore, I wanted to have a feature that would be open and honest, detailing one song, album, or artist that I’ve been ashamedly enjoying. It could easily turn into a regular feature if I have enough fun with it.

My first candidate for this feature is none other than “God, Your Mama, and Me”, the love child of Florida Georgia Line and the Backstreet Boys. Now, first of all I have no problem with the Backstreet Boys on country radio. We’ve had worse, you know, like Florida Georgia Line. My history with Florida Georgia Line has been essentially the same as everyone else’s, only less hateful. I don’t hate “Cruise” or really any of their songs outside of “This Is How We Roll” and “Itz Just What We Do”, but I also don’t really like the duo outside of a couple songs like “Dirt”, “While He’s Still Around”, “Like You Ain’t Even Gone” and of course some more guilty pleasures like “Round Here” and “Music Is Healing”.

Well we can add one more song to that list, and you can all guess what it is. Now, whether you love or hate this is completely up to you, but for the life of me, I can’t understand how this song gets the same hatred that say, Sam Hunt’s songs or most of the worst country songs get. Yes, it does have the Backstreet Boys, but is that reason alone?

Perhaps it’s the lyrical content. After all, it’s so sweet and schmaltzy that it might make you throw up what with this guy telling his lover how much he loves her. It’s a complete 180 from their usual “you girl look at my truck and have some fireball” routine. I admittedly kind of like it though, mostly because you could see it either as a love song as I just described, or perhaps a love letter to their future children wanting them to know how much they’re loved. As horrible of vocalists as these two are, they’re at least pretty good emotive interpreters at that particular moment.

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s not all that country. I kind of like it for what it is. I especially like that steel guitar during the chorus…at least I think that’s a steel guitar? I honestly have no clue. It’s got that more clear, liquid tone to it, and honestly it could just be something electronic for all I know. Either way, I like it.

There’s so many reasons ultimately why I probably shouldn’t like this, but I do. Oh well, that’s the point of the confessional, right? We don’t have to agree, but let’s at least be friendly.